Dean Coats

Marketing Director

Who Buys Semi Trucks? Discover America's #1 Truck Buying Service

Dean Coats

Marketing Director

Who Buys Semi Trucks? Discover America's #1 Truck Buying Service

Puzzled by the question, "Who buys semi trucks with ease and integrity?" Rig Resale is your answer. As America's leading truck purchasing company, we recognize the intricacies of the trucking industry and the value of your investment. Whether you're an independent owner-operator, manage a fleet, or run a trucking company, we tailor our approach to meet your needs, ensuring you get the best possible deal with the least inconvenience.

Why Choose Rig Resale Over Auctions and Dealerships?

Tired of auction run-arounds and dealership lowballs? Rig Resale cuts through the noise, offering you more than the usual venues. Our process is transparent and direct: you get a fast, fair offer based on real market data, not just a ballpark figure. We understand your time is precious, which is why we offer immediate valuations and swift, secure transactions.

How Rig Resale Respects Your Time and Investment

Instant, Competitive Offers

No more waiting days for a buyer's bid. With Rig Resale, you'll receive a competitive offer in minutes. We respect your time and provide market-driven valuations that reflect your semi truck's true worth.

Nationwide Pickup – At No Extra Cost

Regardless of your location, Rig Resale's services extend nationwide. We'll come to you, pick up your truck, and handle the logistics, all without additional fees. It's convenience without compromise.

Simplified Selling: One Point of Contact

Forget being passed around. At Rig Resale, you'll have one dedicated expert managing your sale from start to finish, ensuring a personalized and straightforward experience.

Transparency in Every Transaction

We don't just give you an offer; we show you how we arrived at it. Our method ensures you understand your semi truck's market value before you make any decisions, giving you the power to sell with confidence.

Who Benefits Most from Selling to Rig Resale?

Single Owner-Operators

For the independent spirits driving the industry, we offer a tailored selling process that respects the unique stories behind your semi trucks.

Fleet Managers' Premier Choice

Fleet managers find peace of mind with Rig Resale. Our efficient, large-scale purchasing solutions turn fleet liquidation from a burden into a breeze.

Comprehensive Solutions for Trucking Companies

We handle big deals without a hitch. Your trucking company can rely on us to purchase fleets of any size with the same personal touch and professional ease.

What Brands and Models Does Rig Resale Purchase?

Every truck has a place with us. From Peterbilts to Volvos, old models to the latest rigs, Rig Resale is ready to make an offer on any semi truck brand or model you're looking to sell.

Real Stories from Satisfied Sellers

Hear from John Doe, a recent client: "I was dreading the sale of my Kenworth, but Rig Resale made it surprisingly pleasant. The price was fair, the service was excellent, and they picked up the truck from my lot. Couldn't be happier."

Rig Resale's Market Impact

Our approach has revolutionized the selling process for semi truck owners nationwide, ensuring you get a fair deal without the traditional hassle.

Call to Action

Ready to turn your semi truck into cash? Contact Rig Resale today for your free, no-obligation quote and join the ranks of satisfied sellers who've experienced the best in truck selling services.


Say goodbye to the stress of selling your semi truck. With Rig Resale, you're choosing a partner that values your time, understands the market, and provides a service that's second to none. Get in touch now and let us take the wheel.